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About Us

Xduomei Flavor

Xduomei Flavor Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Xduomei Flavor) is located in Changleng Foreign Investment Industrial Park II, Xinjian County, Nanchang City, the heroic city of China, .Since our establishment, Xduomei Flavor has been combining the introduction of talents with the training of personnel, continuously setting up hi-tech talent groups. At present, Xduomei Flavor not only has a group of experienced senior flavorists and application engineers, but also has a young and excellent leading group, a sales team, customer service personnel and a production team. Our products are divided into such kinds as liquid (water soluble and oil soluble), powder and paste. Our products are mainly applied to many food fields, such as dairy, candy, beverage, soft drink, baking, areca, nut, liquor, etc.Xduomei Flavor hopes to create a wonderful future with you through our best services and high-quality products.


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Our Vision

Xduomei Flavor takes "the revitalization of national food industry" as our own responsibility. We make unremitting efforts to make Xduomei Flavor become the first-class flavor brand in China.

One-stop Fragrance Manufacturer

Xduomei Flavor respects customers and specializes in flavor business, being self-disciplined and powerful.

What People Are Saying

It is a true pleasure to work with everyone at Xduomei Flavor! There is a level of care and support that isn’t seen with most vendors. I truly feel the strong partnership between us and the factory which provides long-term confidence as we grow.
Philip Watson
We are very happy with the great cooperation and professionalism with Xduomei Flavor. A pleasure to work with their dedicated, friendly and helpful team. We were particularly impressed with the efficient customer service response and willingness to help in a timely manner and provide needed assistance.
Emma Roberts
Excited to start working with the team. They are very efficient and we are willing to work with us to quickly set up many new styles for production.
Olivia Spencer